About Us

The Etch Story.

"We make things with frickin' laser beams!"

Abbie started Etch Twenty Eight as a 22 year old Cumbrian design graduate in June 2017. She had been working with laser machines for over 7 years throughout her education and more creatively throughout her 4 years as a student at Northumbria University. When she made the decision to move back home she knew there wasn't any jobs in the area that would satisfy her creative mind so decided to generate her own career. With ambition to enrich people's lives through design; combined with a passion for 'making every memory special' and belief that giving and receiving personal and sentimental handmade gifts is underrated 'nowadays'.. Etch Twenty Eight was born.

Etch Twenty Eight specialise in laser cut pieces. We create the gifts, party favours and home decors that people admire and talk about. With belief that every special occasion should be personal, all of our products are designed with the aim of capturing memorable celebrations with the hope that they will be treasured for a lifetime.

At Etch Twenty Eight we work with YOU the client to ensure your gifts and other pieces are personal. Not feeling creative? Choose from some of our existing concepts.